Who we are?

STEM Champ is an international Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education improvement body that provides highly effective professional development, hands-on curriculum materials and consulting services, thus impacting a student's life from preschool through career. All of its programs are result oriented, research and inquiry based and align with National and International Standards.

We ingeniously develop customised STEM curriculum using real life situations and problem solving to increase the impact of learning and customised STEM products for schools, preschools and educators.Our aim is to create bespoke offerings in the ‘education’ and ‘edutainment’ space by equipping educators with effective tools & strategies to create innovative and relevant learning environments so students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work, live and contribute in a global community.

What are we trying to achieve?

Our current Indian education system has adapted less as compared to the fast changes in the global education arena. Indian education system is very specific to age groups, focuses more on text book learning and function on prebuilt versions of limited experiential learning. Education here is primarily seen as a mechanism to reach to the end goal, i.e. crafting a career & getting a job. This is more so due to lack of a holistic STEM curriculum which focuses on development through learning & fun. This is the gap that STEM Champ tries to fill-in by enhancing STEM learning.

How do we do it

1 Curriculum Materials

Research based STEM curriculum materials aligned with National and International standards.

4 Materials Support

Cost-effective systems for supplying STEM equipment and materials to classrooms.

2 Ongoing Professional Development

Programs and courses that prepare educators to teach inquiry-centered STEM subjects for professional growth.

5 Community / Administrative Involvement

Strategies for building and sustaining district and community support for STEM education.

3 Assessment

Strategies aligning the evaluation of student performance with the goals of inquiry-centered STEM programs.

6 Teacher-Driven Research and development

Design and development of innovative programs for continuous improvement of teaching and learning.


In-School Programs

Through a series of conceptual hands-on lessons, teachers will guide students as they learn important STEM content and investigative skills. Each unit design fosters cooperative learning and critical thinking.


Students get access to participate in national / international forums & competitions. They get the opportunity to get noticed on an international platform.


STEM Champ offers interactive STEM events in India which focuses on STEM shows for kids and grown-ups alike.

Vacation Camps

What did you do on your vacation? When asked so, your answer in the next season could be: I worked on a new technology!

After-School Programs

All of our after school programs and classes exceed STEM learning objectives and line up with topics being taught in-class.

Personal Development & Workshops

The pedagogical principles behind the Do-it, Talk-it, Read-it, Write-it approach are explored, this is all about learning and skill development, not only for the students but the educators as well.

Get Stemmed


We offer you a unique opportunity to build a successful business while contributing to your community. STEM Champ franchisees receive a comprehensive training package to get them started, and solid support to help them grow their business.

A client base is quickly built as STEM Champ’s customers keep coming back and referring us to others. Over 50% of our business is repeat business! The highly sought-after, innovative and engaging programs we develop are easy and profitable to deliver.



STEM Champ is committed to helping close the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills gap by expanding access to education and increasing participation by women, girls, boys and underrepresented students.

We’re proud to partner with global organizations that drive economic growth, equality and education.



You are passionate to work in an educational start up, energetic, prefer agile environments? You are your own biggest critic and motivator? From business development to marketing to creating curriculum to a background in information technology. You got skills, we know where to put it to the right use.

STEM Champ is your baby, so build it the way you think it should be built along with us. Needless to say, we are looking for self-reliant go-getters to chart out their own niche for STEM Champ.



STEM Champ Ambassador Program is specifically targeted towards professors / teachers / tutors turned homemakers, retired professionals, part-time freelancers to work as entrepreneurs from the convenience of their homes. With ‘zero’ economic investment, this program enables you to enjoy the benefits of choosing your own flexi-hours to work at your own terms, along with a steady income!




“Great organization to work for & with! I highly recommend giving our innovative STEM programs a try.”

Andrew B Raupp, CEO, Stem.org, US


"Excellent interacting with the kids. The Team Kept them focus, behaved & learning while having fun. Great job! I had used the couple of other people last year to save money and was sorry. The Better price was worth the awesome experience."

Reena, Intel


“Wow! My 10 year old hasn’t stopped talking about STEM Programs. He can’t wait for tomorrow’s after school session. Great to see him so excited about learning.”

Bina, Parent, Bangalore


“I would definitely recommend my friends consider STEM Champ the next time they are looking for a unique and fun experience for them.”

Arya, Student, Bangalore


“An amazing STEM spectacular! Who knew education could be so fun! The trainer was engaging, informative and had all the kids on the edge of their seats.”

Bhanu V., Principal, Chennai

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